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Safety in design

Safety in design is our passion. Our team will work with you to develop a practical strategy for refining, improving and adapting your designs throughout the project lifecycle. Beyond risk mitigation, we strive to innovate and measurably improve your future systems, products and facilities.

Systems safety assurance

Plan Safe are experts in socio-technical systems within high reliability sectors. We will build your systems safety case, plan and reporting mechanisms to ensure your assets remain safe for their lifetime.

Training and facilitation

Plan Safe are specialists in creating multi-platform training packages. Tailored to your industry and organisation, we ensure that training is both interactive and thought-provoking to ready your team for the work ahead. Our specialist facilitators also lead safety briefings, meetings and workshops to get you the outcomes you need.

Safety management systems

We create effective SMSs for complex projects in a range of industries. Plan Safe will ensure your safety systems address all regulatory, operational and business requirements. We also provide advanced safety audit services to identify gaps and ensure your systems add maximum value to your business.

We increase what goes right

Plan Safe specialise in identifying safety complexities, opportunities and efficiencies to enhance your systems and operations. We help you design systems and environments that take into consideration the whole person (needs, expectations, capabilities and limitations of individuals).

Stakeholder engagement

Our expert facilitators will work with you to engage the key people, clients and communities associated with your major project. Plan Safe workshops enable executives, teams and customers to connect with each other in meaningful ways for outcomes that matter.
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