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With over a decade of experience in the development of complex and high-risk infrastructure, we bring together extensive project, communication and safety methodology to deliver safe rail operations to workers and users.

Our Plan Safe consultants have delivered safety assurance programs for some of Australia’s most recent rail projects – including the Waratah ETCS upgrade in Sydney CBD and the Sydney Metro Project - and offer a profound understanding of the needs and complexities inherent in the design, build and implementation of transport infrastructure.

We will work closely with your team, stakeholders, Independent Safety Assessors, clients, government bodies, unions and regulators to meet the assurance, accreditation, risk and training requirements of all parties.

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Systems engineering and safety assurance

We will work with your design team to build your safety plan, systems safety reports and safety case. Plan Safe consultants are highly experienced at developing safety arguments using goal structuring notation having delivered tailored programs for modern rail signalling systems, including onboard and lineside signalling projects.

With systems thinking increasing in importance (as projects and organisations become more complex and tightly integrated), our expertise in systems engineering and requirements management ensures the successful integration of your engineering program disciplines.

Rail Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Accreditation

To ensure your system addresses all regulatory and operational requirements requires specific expertise. We are experts at creating tailored and effective SMS for rail industry organisations. Our integrated management systems address safety, risk, quality, environment and human factors.

Our consultants use advanced User Experience (UX) Document Engineering techniques to ensure SMS users comprehend and retain the safety information critical to their work.

A qualified Plan Safe auditor will provide your leadership team with a detailed analysis of your current compliance to relevant standards and legislation and provide you with a roadmap to system improvement.

Human Factors

With Human Machine Interaction and automation becoming increasingly prevalent, the application of effective human factors techniques and analysis has never been so important. Our human factors programs ensure human-centred design principles are used when developing new technology and making changes to existing assets.

Plan Safe specialise in identifying safety complexities, opportunities and efficiencies to enhance your systems and operations. Through our detailed Human Factors and Human Performance programs, we identify opportunities to improve the way you work, focus on success and increase what goes right.

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